Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lesson 1 - Navigation

Since NDS have 2 screens, I will call the screen on top as an "inactive work area" and the lower screen as the "active work area". Some of you might disagree because the top screen is also active and can be navigated using the D-Pad. But since it would be easier to work using the Touchscreen  portion, I will call the top screen an inactive area because most of our activities will be done on the touch screen.

1.a Single Player Single Mode

The first thing that you will be prompted with is the main menu (see the picture below for the quick start  guide). 

Click Single Player. Since I don't own a DSi, it would not ask me for dual mode. If you are using a DSi, select Single Mode only.

1.b Load a Song

Since Korg DS-10 Plus has a pre made song pattern already, (and I am)assuming you have not saved any songs before, click S-01 (or any slot that you wanna use). Immediately you will notice a question will be asked whether you want to "Load this Session?" Click Yes.

1.c The Map and the Virtual Keyboard

For this portion, please refer to the MAP image shown below to quickly find the button that i am refering to.

WARNING: If you are not yet familiar with the MAP environment, I suggest that you dont click any other button aside from the "button" so that you wont get disoriented following this tutorial. If you get lost along the way, turn your ds off then back on again and follow step i.a onwards.

At this point, on the inactive screen, you have the MAP, on the active screen, you have a virtual keyboard. Note that the virtual keyboard also has a "button" button. clicking it will toggle the display of the active and inactive screen. You can also swap the display on both screens by pressing the "L" button of your DS.

Now toggle the screen so that the MAP is on top and the virtual keyboard is active. Notice that beside the "button" of the keyboard, there is a play button. click the button and you will a simple beat with a beep sound that loops forever. At this point, try to familiarize yourself with navigation. Experiment with the map but please dont change any thing yet. Do not turn the virtual knobs just yet. we will do that in the next lesson. For now, just try to navigate and then see if you can go back to the virtual keyboard on the active screen with the map screen on top. If you are done playing with it, we are now ready create our very first beat. Michael Jackson's Billy Jean. be continued next week!!!

Next week's lesson

Lesson 2 - The Korg DS-10 Notations 
Lesson 3 - Notation # 1: Billy Jean (by Michael Jackson)
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