Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Steps Korg DS-10 Plus Course Outline (draft)

Curriculum for the Korg DS-10 Plus (draft)

1 Navigation
1.a Single Player Single Mode
1.b Load a Song
1.c The Map and the Virtual Keyboard

2 The Korg DS-10 Notations
2.a Reading Synthesizer Notations
2.b Reading Drum Pattern notation

3 Notation # 1: Billy Jean (by Michael Jackson)
3.A Drum Pattern Notations
3.B Synth 1 Pattern Notations
3.C Synth 2 Pattern Notations

4 Synthesizer Effects
4.A Sample Synthesizer effect
4.B Other sources of patches & fx

5 Going Beyond the Baby Steps
5.A Where to go next?

This curriculum is subject to change depending on the feedback received.

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