Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Journey

Ive been very busy the past few weeks and i have been away from my DS for quite sometime. But during the nights that I got a chance, I make music with it and after sometime tinkering with it, here's what Ive got. Perhaps I can continue my tutorial during the Christmas break. So help me God. :)

This song was originally titled "Picture's a Bitch" in connection with Decktonic's comment why he dislike pictured illustration of how a song/or a melody is written on a Korg DS, which is one of the reasons why I decided to come up with "Tablets" in the first place. If I were to write the notes used for this song, pictures would be complicated especially to the portions where pitches are between 2 to 3 octaves away from each other. However, I dont have the guts to title it that way, and besides, most of these melodies came up to my mind during my trips to different places while I was away, I decided to title it The Journey instead. So here it is. Please forgive the hisses as I dunno how to control it anymore.