Sunday, September 26, 2010

Preparing for the Baby Steps


I've seen tons of online knowledge based articles and videos which are very useful to me, but I feel the need of adding "Yet Another" tutorial for Korg DS-10+ (or Korg DS-10 Plus) which have recently come out early this year (2010). The purpose of this blog is to attempt to teach you,  the reader (or follower), the bread and butter of how to use it, as well as how to make music with it.

My Vision

Though I am not musically inclined, nor have a degree in music, I am a college professor by profession teaching computer courses (so please forgive my English, I'm not that good in that area) and have been a guitarist for some "infamous" garage bands in our neighborhood in the late 90's. And if that convinces you to make me a qualified source of information, then we're good to go : ) .

Target Audience

To be honest with you, this blog is an experimental project and I aim to find out whether this "Baby Steps for Korg DS-10+" will be an effective learning tool for 2 types of audience:

1.People who have a background in music but doesnt know how to use Korg DS-10+ and
2. People that know how to use Korg-DS10+ but doesn't have a background in music.

Before I start my series of tutorials, I would like to request that you "follow" this blog and leave feedback (or comments) as you see fit, so that I can refine my teaching methodology along the way based on your (the follower's) feedback. Though "following" isn't really  necessary, it would greatly improve the quality of the tutorial.

Tools that I will be Using

If you own the original Korg DS-10, there might be some features that would not be accessible to you. But nevertheless, both versions have the same audio editing tools, so as far as composing music is concerned, I don't think there would be much problem.

Just to give you an idea, I am using a Nintendo DS Lite and Korg DS-10+ for the entire lesson, unless specified otherwise.

Coming Next Issue (Oct. 3,2010)

A. The Baby Steps for Korg DS-10+ Course Outline*
B. Lesson 1 - The Korg DS-10 Interface
C. Lesson 2- A Simple Song : Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
D. Lesson 3 - Adding Effects

* Subject to change based on follower's feedback

For Comments and Suggestions, you can also email me at

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  1. Hey will I be able to follow your tutorials if I have no experience in music composition or music history? I have not purchased Korg ds-10 plus yet because if it will be too complicated for me I don't want to. Thanks!